Our Story

Eating Essence   was co-founded by Holly Dickinson and Tracie Burke who are Registered Dietitians and Registered Psychotherapists. Holly and Tracie both started their careers as Registered Dietitians working in a hospital-based eating disorder program. They loved being able to support their clients to make changes to their eating but noticed that their scope of practice prevented them from exploring this change at a deeper level. In order to assist their clients with understanding and challenging the underlying issues that kept them stuck in unhelpful eating patterns, Holly and Tracie completed graduate work in counselling psychology and became Registered Psychotherapists.

With 45 years of combined experience, they have come together to create Eating Essence .

It is here that you will benefit from the psychotherapy that Holly and Tracie offer while making changes to your eating.   We offer a safe, weight inclusive space where you are given the tools and support you need to make lasting changes in your life.  

The concept behind Eating Essence  ignited during the COVID-19 pandemic. It became increasingly clear that those struggling with eating disorders were left alone to try and manage many of the difficulties that often keep them stuck in disordered eating patterns. Reduced eating disorder services and restricted community access meant more isolation than ever before. This was a call to action for Tracie and Holly who saw the need to develop a dynamic service where we could partner with you, our client, to offer on the spot support, guidance, and education to help maintain your wellness regardless of where you are or what is happening in the world.

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